OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 1 Definitions and General Application

Section 1 Definitions


IEC” means International Electrotechnical Commission;

immediately dangerous to life or health” means circumstances in which the atmosphere is deficient in oxygen or the concentration of a harmful substance in the atmosphere

(a) is an immediate threat to life,

(b) may affect health irreversibly,

(c) may have future adverse effects on health, or

(d) may interfere with a worker’s ability to escape from a dangerous atmosphere;

incombustible dust” means a pulverized inert mine material of light colour,

(a) 100 percent of which passes through a 20 mesh sieve,

(b) not less than 70 percent by weight of which passes, when dry, through a 200 mesh sieve, and

(c) that does not contain more than 5 percent combustible matter or 4 percent of free and combined silica;

industrial power producer” in Part 40 means an employer authorized in Alberta to generate electrical energy as an independent power producer or solely for its own use in manufacturing or in the handling of material;

industrial rope access work” in Part 41 means work activities at height which incorporate a working line, safety line and a full body harness in combination with other devices that allow a worker to ascend, descend and traverse to and from a work area under his or her own control;

inerting” means to intentionally flood the atmosphere inside a confined space with an inert gas to eliminate the hazard of igniting flammable vapours;

ionizing radiation” in section 288 means high-energy electromagnetic radiation that is capable of disrupting the structure of atoms or molecules;

ISO” means International Organization for Standardization;

isolate” in Part 15 means using a mechanical device to restrain, regulate, direct, or dissipate hazardous energy;

isolated” means to have separated, disconnected, de-energized or depressurized;

isolated work site” means a work site that is 40 minutes or more travel time from the work site to a health care facility under normal travel conditions using available means of transportation;