OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 1 Definitions and General Application

Section 1 Definitions


parenteral contact” means piercing mucous membranes or the skin;

particulate not otherwise regulated” means insoluble particulate composed of substances that do not have an occupational exposure limit;

permanent” when referring to a structure, process, or action, means that it is intended to last indefinitely;

permanent suspension powered work platform”means a suspension powered work platform that is a permanent building or structure;

permitted explosive” means an explosive that is listed as such by the Chief Inspector of Explosives, Natural Resources Canada;

personal fall arrest system” means personal protective equipment that will stop a worker’s fall before the worker hits a surface below the worker;

personal flotation device” means personal protective equipment capable of supporting a person with the head above water without the direct effort of the person wearing the equipment;

personal protective equipment” means equipment or clothing worn by a person for protection from health or safety hazards associated with conditions at a work site;

PIP” means Process Industry Practices;

pipeline” has the meaning assigned to it by the Pipeline Act;

portable ladder” means any ladder that is not a fixed ladder;

portable power cables” in Part 36 means portable trailing cables as specified in the applicable sections of CSA Standard CAN/CSA-M421-00 (R2007), Use of Electricity in Mines;

portal” means a structure at the entrance to an underground mine, including those at the surface and for a distance underground of 30 metres

(a) that is used to support the ground and protect workers, or

(b) where outlets, other than vertical shafts, reach the surface;

powered mobile equipment” means a self-propelled machine or combination of machines, including a prime mover or a motor vehicle, designed to manipulate or move material or to provide a powered aerial device for workers;

prime” with respect to explosives means to attach a safety fuse assembly or detonator;

processing plant” in section 532 means a facility where coal, minerals or other products of a mine are cleaned, sized or prepared for sale or use;

product identifier” in respect of a controlled product, means the brand name, code name or code number specified by a supplier or the product’s chemical name, common name, generic name, or trade name;

professional engineer” means a professional engineer under the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act;

pulmonary function technician” means a person who

(a) has passed, or has been approved by a Director of Medical Services as having done the equivalent of passing, a pulmonary function technician course approved by a Director of Medical Services, and

(b) if so required by a Director of Medical Services, has passed a re-qualification examination approved by such a Director;

purge” means removing a substance by displacing it with another substance;