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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 1 Definitions and General Application

Section 1 Definitions


3 decibel exchange rate” means that when the sound energy doubles, the decibel level increases by 3;

dBA” means a measure of sound level in decibels using a reference sound pressure of 20 micropascals when measured on the A-weighting network of a sound level meter;

demolition” means the tearing down, destruction, breaking up or razing of the whole or part of a building or structure;

designated signaller” means a person designated to give signals in accordance with section 189;

detonator” means a blasting detonator, an electric blasting detonator or a similar device used to detonate explosives;

detonator leg wire” means an electric wire attached to a detonator;

detonating cord” means a cord containing explosives of sufficient strength to detonate other explosives;

Director” in Part 36 means the Director of Inspection whose duties include mines;

direct supervision” means that a competent worker

(a) is personally and visually supervising the worker who is not competent, and

(b) is able to communicate readily and clearly with the worker who is not competent;

discard” means solid or liquid materials that are removed or rejected during mining or processing operations because they have no current use but that may be of future use;

distant work site” means a work site that is more than 20 minutes, but less than 40 minutes, travel time from a health care facility under normal travel conditions using available means of transportation;