OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 1 Definitions and General Application

Section 1 Definitions


radiofrequency transmitter” includes radio towers, television towers, portable two-way radio base stations and repeaters, portable two-way radios and cellular telephones;

respirable particulate” means airborne particulate collected and analyzed using NIOSH Method 0600 (Particulates Not Otherwise Regulated, Respirable);

restricted area” means an area of a work site where there is a reasonable chance that the airborne concentration of asbestos, silica, coal dust or lead exceeds or may exceed the occupational exposure limit for one or more of them;

restricted space” means an enclosed or partially enclosed space, not designed or intended for continuous human occupancy, that has a restricted, limited or impeded means of entry or exit because of its construction;

rural electrification association” in Part 40 means an association under the Rural Utilities Act whose purpose is to supply electricity to its members;