OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 1 Definitions and General Application

Section 1 Definitions


SAE” means Society of Automotive Engineers;

safeguard” means a guard, shield, guardrail, fence, gate, barrier, toe board, protective enclosure, safety net, handrail or other device designed to protect workers operating equipment or machinery, but does not include personal protective equipment;

safe patient/client/resident handling” in Part 14 means lifting, transferring, or repositioning by the use of engineering controls, lifting and transfer aids, or assistive devices, by lift teams or other trained staff rather than by sole use of worker body strength;

safety-engineered medical sharp” in Part 35 means a medical sharp that is designed to, or has a built-in safety feature or mechanism that will, eliminate or minimize the risk of accidental parenteral contact while or after the sharp is used;

safety fuse” means a train of black powder that

(a) is tightly wrapped and enclosed in a series of textiles and waterproof materials, and

(b) can be connected to a detonator, and

(c) burns internally at a continuous and uniform rate when ignited;

safety fuse assembly” means a safety fuse to which a detonator is attached;

scaffold” means a temporary work platform and its supporting structure used for supporting workers or materials, or both, but does not include suspended cages, permanent suspension powered work platforms, boatswain’s chairs, elevating platforms, aerial devices, fork-mounted work platforms, temporary supporting structures and fly form deck panels;

secure” in Part 15 means ensuring that an energy-isolating device cannot be released or activated;

sharps” means needles, knives, scalpels, blades, scissors and other items that can cut or puncture a person that may also be contaminated with a biohazardous material;

shock absorber” means a device intended to reduce the force on a worker when a personal fall arrest system is operating;

small utility vehicle” in Part 18 means a small vehicle designated for off-road use, equipped with a bench-type seat and a steering wheel, and designed to transport more than one person;

snow vehicle” means a motor vehicle designated or intended to be driven exclusively or chiefly on snow or ice;

snubbing” in Part 37 means the act of moving tubulars into or out of a wellbore when pressure is contained in the well through the use of stripping components or closed blowout preventers (BOPs), and mechanical force is required to move the tubing in order to overcome the hydraulic force exerted on the tubular in the wellbore;

specifications” other than manufacturer’s specifications, includes the written instructions, procedures, drawings or other documents of a professional engineer or employer relating to equipment, supplies, a work process or an operation;

split” in Part 36 means a separate fresh air ventilation circuit in which the intake air comes directly from the main intake airway and the return air goes directly to the main return airway;

spoil pile” means waste material excavated from an excavation, tunnel or underground shaft;

standard first aider” means a first aider who holds a certificate in standard first aid from an approved training agency;

supplier” with respect to a controlled product, means a manufacturer, processor or packager of the controlled product or a person who, in the course of business, imports or sells controlled products;

supplier label” means the label provided by the supplier of a controlled product under the Hazardous Products Act (Canada);

supplier’s material safety data sheet” means the material safety data sheet provided by the supplier of a controlled product under the Hazardous Products Act (Canada);

support zone” means the area where support procedures are performed during a diving operation, including the area where diving equipment is cleaned or disposed of;

surface mine” means a mine worked by strip mining, open pit mining or other surface method, including auger mining;

surface mine blaster” means a worker who holds a valid surface mine blaster’s certificate issued under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation;

suspended scaffold” means a work platform suspended from above by wires or ropes;

swing drop distance” means, in a fall-arresting action, the vertical drop from the onset of the swinging motion to the point of initial contact with a structure;