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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 637 Misfire procedures

Subsection 637(1)

The presence of a misfire introduces a unique hazard to any operation since it is unplanned and unexpected. Only a worker holding a valid mine blaster certificate can be authorized to handle a misfire.

As noted in this section, a blaster must not abandon a misfire unless it cannot be safely detonated or removed from its hole. When such a situation occurs it is recommended that the mine manager be included in the final decision process. Additional requirements for dealing with misfires are covered under sections 653, 672, 673 and 674 of the OHS Code.

Subsection 637(2)

As with any recognized hazardous activity, the employer is responsible for developing safe work procedures for handling misfires. Due to his or her training and expertise, it is recommended that the mine blaster be involved in that process. Section 8 of the OHS Regulation requires that the procedures be in writing and available to workers.