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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 723 Auxiliary fans

Subsection 723(1)

Auxiliary fans must be electrically grounded. This is due to the fact that moving air can cause a build-up of static electricity on the fan and auxiliary fans tend to be independent systems. The grounding of auxiliary fans dissipates any statically induced charges.

Subsection 723(2)

If any single-entry heading or working area extends more than 10 metres from the nearest ventilation circuit, an auxiliary ventilation system is required to direct ventilation air toward the working face.

Such systems can use either auxiliary fan(s) and ducting or a curtain of brattice cloth or other ventilation materials that redirects air to the face.  Auxiliary ducts are usually connected to a fan in the fresh air roadway.

Subsection 723(3)

The 10 metre distance specified in subsection 723(2) must be measured from a standard reference point, in this case the nearest rib.

Subsection 723(4)

Section 560 requires employers to meet the requirements of CSA Standard M421-00 (R2007), Use of Electricity in Mines. Clause 6.2.3 of the CSA standard requires provision of an interlock such that if an auxiliary fan shuts down automatically then so does other electrical equipment in that roadway. This subsection releases an employer from that requirement when a roadway under auxiliary ventilation is less than 200 metres long. This recognizes the difficulties in compliance in the early stages of roadway development and relies on manual rather than automatic shutdown of power to other equipment when a fan shuts down.