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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 609 Underground mine blaster

Subsection 609(1)

Responsibility for blasting and the related handling of explosives rests with the employer. At an underground mine, the employer must appoint a certified underground mine blaster to act on the employer’s behalf. Once appointed by the employer, a certified underground mine blaster is responsible for the direction of explosive handling activities and for the safe execution of all blasting operations at the mine.

Only a certified underground mine blaster or another worker who works under the direct supervision of a certified underground mine blaster can handle an explosive product or blast a misfire.

Subsection 609(2)

Due to the knowledge required to properly handle explosives and the hazards related to improper use, non-certified underground mine workers must not handle explosives, except as noted in subsection (1).

The employer is responsible for ensuring that non-certified underground mine workers are trained to be aware of the hazards associated with explosive products. Those mine workers must also be trained in the company’s blasting procedures.