OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 586 Tests

Subsection 586(1)

Brake testing introduces an element of risk and as such must only be conducted under the supervision of a competent worker. That competent worker must ensure that the test site is suitable and the physical brake tests are conducted according to industry standards. Based on the test results, the competent worker must make decisions about continuing a test or removing a tested unit from service until repairs are made.

Subsection 586(2)

This subsection lists the conditions under which a loaded rubber-tired, self-propelled unit is to be brake tested. A straight, level road with a hard, dry surface is specified to minimize the risk of injury to workers involved in the process and to minimize the stress imposed on the mining equipment.

Subsection 586(3)(a)

For comparison purposes, the employer must ensure that the distance required to bring the unit to a complete stop is recorded during the brake test. This stopping distance must then be compared to the stopping distance determined during earlier brake tests, if the unit has previously been subjected to such tests. If available, the original brake certification test results may be relevant for comparative purposes.

If a unit is being subjected to a periodic brake test for the first time, it is recommended that the manufacturer’s specifications or the original certification brake testing results be the basis for comparison.

Subsection 586(3)(b)

The actual speed of the unit prior to the service brake being applied is critical to the results of the stopping distance measurement and must therefore be recorded. In this case, the OHS Code is not specific and only requires the unit be operated at normal operating speed immediately before the brakes are applied.

It is recommended that where possible, all units of the same model and size be tested at the same “normal” operating speed during the test to allow the test results to be compared and interpreted.