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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 14 Lifting and Handling Loads

Section 209.2 Patient/client/resident handling

This section requires that an employer develop and implement a safe patient/client/resident handling program if workers are required to lift, transfer or reposition patients/clients/residents. The program must include an annual evaluation of its effectiveness at preventing worker injuries. Once implemented, employers are responsible for ensuring that workers follow the program. In turn, workers are required to follow the safe handling program.

To maximize the success and benefits of such a program, it should

(a) identify key stakeholders to facilitate buy-in and participation,

(b) develop a budget to address initial and on-going funding requirements. This reduces the likelihood of surprises and supports sustainability of the program,

(c) identify implementation issues and address each one of them,

(d) define accountabilities so that program performance can be evaluated, and

(e) include a program evaluation plan that provides the building blocks for continuous improvement efforts and provides the necessary feedback to assess progress. To assess success, a mechanism must be in place to identify outcome measures, collect and analyze data, and report results.

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