OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 9 Fall Protection

Section 152.2 Duty to use anchors

To be effective, personal fall arrest and travel restraint systems must be safely secured to an anchor i.e. lanyard or self-retracting device must be clipped in. Workplace Health and Safety is aware of many instances of workers being equipped with the appropriate fall protection equipment but failing, for whatever reason, to clip in to an anchor. Subsection 152.2(1) requires the worker to clip in to an anchor that meets the requirements of Part 9.

Prior to clipping in, a worker is required to visually inspect the anchor he or she is planning to use to make sure that the anchor is in sound condition and free of damage. The anchor must be securely fastened to its substrate and be free of any damage that could compromise its ability to function properly. If an anchor is damaged, the worker must not use it until the anchor is repaired, replaced or re-certified by the manufacturer or a professional engineer.

Anchorage connectors such as carabiners, snap hooks, quick links, etc. must be appropriate for the work being undertaken. Some connectors will be more suitable than others for a given situation. Size, type and style of connector may need to be considered to avoid sizing mismatches and improve system ease of use.