OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 9 Fall Protection

Section 153.1 Installation of horizontal lifeline systems

A vital aspect of the safe use of horizontal lifeline systems is that they be installed properly. This section requires that before the horizontal lifeline system is used, it is certified in writing as having been properly installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications or the certified specifications of a professional engineer. This certification of the installation can be performed by a professional engineer, a competent person authorized by the professional engineer, the manufacturer, or a competent person authorized by the manufacturer. This competent person could be one of the employer’s workers, trained and authorized by the lifeline manufacturer to certify the installation.

Often overlooked by employers and installers of horizontal lifeline systems is whether or not there is sufficient clearance below the installed system. If there is any doubt, employers should contact the equipment manufacturer or involve a professional engineer who can assess the available clearance in accordance with the requirements of CSA Standard Z259.16.