OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 33 Explosives Safety

Section 512 Abandoned charge

Subsection 512(1)

Charges must not be abandoned if they can be safely detonated. By extension, charges that cannot be safely detonated can be abandoned but the conditions stated in subsection (2) must be met.

Subsection 512(2)

Certain conditions must be met when a misfire or unfired charge is abandoned. Unless they can be safely removed or detonated, misfired explosives are left in the ground, their lead wires cut and buried beneath the surface and the location of the misfire marked. Shunting of misfires is not necessary and the wires must be hidden below surface to prevent entanglement with people, animals and machinery.

The company that placed the misfire or unfired charge in the drill hole i.e. “the employer responsible for detonating the explosive charge”, must keep a permanent record of its location and the charge.