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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 18 Personal Protective Equipment

Section 245 Code of practice

Subsection 245(1)

Whenever the atmospheric concentration of a dust, vapour, mist or gas requires the use of respiratory protective equipment, a code of practice describing the selection, use and maintenance of that equipment must be developed. Reader responsible for developing a code of practice should refer to the Safety Bulletin shown below. As required by section 8 of the OHS Regulation, the procedures contained in the code of practice must be in writing and available to workers.

For more information
Guideline for the Development of a Code of Practice for Respiratory Protective Equipment
Bulletin PPE004

Subsection 245(2)

Where health care workers may be exposed to airborne biohazardous material, an employer must ensure that the code of practice required by subsection (1) includes annual training. The training should include

(a) information about the airborne biohazardous materials that workers may be exposed to including their potential health effects,
(b) an explanation of why the particular respiratory protective equipment being used was chosen, including information about its capabilities and limitations and how to test for a satisfactory fit, and
(c) an explanation of how to properly put on and take off the respiratory protective equipment without contaminating oneself or other workers.