Published Date: October 01, 2013
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Section 24 Hazards

(1) If a worker is employed in a hazardous occupation or at a hazardous work site, a Director of Medical Services may

(a) require that the worker’s employer shall, within 30 days after the commencement of the worker’s employment, register with a Director the worker’s name and the location of the work site where the worker is employed,

(b) require the worker to have regular medical examinations,

(c) prescribe the type and frequency of the medical examinations,

(d) prescribe the form and content of medical records to be compiled with respect to that worker, and

(e) prescribe the period of time for which those medical records must be maintained.

(2) When a person registered under subsection (1) terminates the person’s employment with the person’s employer, the employer shall notify a Director of Medical Services of that termination within 30 days after that termination.

(3) The employer shall pay for medical examinations of a worker under subsection (1).