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Published Date: June 30, 2007
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Part 37 Oil and Gas Wells

Section 750 Application

For the purposes of this Part, crude bitumen is considered to be any of the various mixtures of hydrocarbons present in their natural state and unaltered by processing.

Drilling a well is typically carried out by a “drilling contractor” under contract to a well-site owner, also known as the “operator”. The final step in drilling a new well is completion – when fluids start flowing to the surface.

Once a well is completed, the owner begins production, also known as operating, by bringing fluids to the surface and preparing them for delivery to a refinery.

A producing well may require servicing during its active life cycle. This includes routine maintenance activities, repair or replacement of equipment, and “workovers” which are activities intended to stimulate or enhance fluid flow.

This Part also applies to any process that supports and supplements drilling, operating or servicing activities.