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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 37 Oil and Gas Wells

Section 751 Competent supervisor

Subsection 751(1)

Work at a well site involves a wide variety of operations that often require a number of contractors, suppliers and technical service providers working together. These operations must be supervised by a qualified and competent person to ensure the safety of workers.

Subsection 751(2)

The operator or prime contractor if there is one, has overall responsibility for safety at a well site. The on-site supervisor, also known as “consultant”, “company man” or “engineer”, plays a key role in directing and co-ordinating implementation of the planned work program as well as ensuring that all safety requirements are met.

Each employer undertaking a particular job or function at a well site, is responsible for carrying out that job or function in a safe manner. This subsection describes the minimum safety knowledge required by each on-site supervisor within the scope of their job or function at a well site. For activities that are part of drilling, completion or workover, industry requirements are described in Industry Recommended Practice (IRP) No. 7-2002, Standards for Well Site Supervision of Drilling, Completion and Workover, published Enform.

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