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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 37 Oil and Gas Wells

Section 769 Travelling blocks

Subsection 769(1)

The hook is attached, often permanently, to the bottom of the travelling block. It carries equipment, called elevators, for grasping and holding pipe while the pipe is being raised or lowered into the well bore. The hook also suspends the swivel and drill string while drilling (see Figure 37.9). It is rated by its load-carrying capacity. The hook latch must be designed to prevent release of the drill string when subjected to a sharp upward blow.

Figure 37.9 Example of a travelling block and hook

Subsection 769(2)

No explanation required.

Subsection 769(3)

An upward travel limiting device, often called a crown saver, prevents the travelling block from contacting the crown structure. Every drilling or service rig must have a crown saver.