OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 21 Rigging

Section 304 Makeshift rigging and welding

Section 304(a)

All rigging components that carry any portion of a load must be commercially manufactured. These components are engineered and typically certified to comply with various standards. Makeshift rigging components (see Figure 21.32) are not permitted.

Figure 21.32 Examples of makeshift rigging

Sections 304(b) and 304(c)

Any rigging components that have been repaired by welding must be certified by a professional engineer as safe for use before the components are put back into service.

Annealing is the process by which metal is heated and then cooled, softening it and thus making it less brittle. Subjecting metal to non-uniform temperature change as in welding or annealing produces thermal stress in the metal. This stress can weaken the metal and lead to its premature failure.