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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 11 First Aid

Section 177 Training standards

The employer is responsible for ensuring that individuals designated to provide first aid services to workers at a work site are appropriately trained. Workers successfully completing an approved first aid course are issued a first aid certificate by an approved training agency. This card should be shown to the employer when individuals are asked to provide proof of their first aid qualifications.

The certificate is only acceptable if it is provided by a training agency approved by the Director of Medical Services. The Director of Medical Services is a member of the staff of Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour appointed by the Minister under section 5 of the OHS Act. A list of approved courses is maintained by the Director. This list is available on the Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour website.

Approved courses

Training Agency Approval

Training agencies approved by the Director of Medical Services enter into a written agreement that includes a mandatory review of course content, training materials and course duration. Course curriculum is determined by the Director in consultation with the Joint First Aid Training Standards Board. The Board includes representatives from the following four national first aid training agencies: the Alberta Council of St. John Ambulance Association, the Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch of the Lifesaving Society, the Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian Ski Patrol.

To become an approved training agency, an application must be submitted to the Director of Medical Services. The Director of Medical Services can be reached by writing to:

Director of Medical Services
Alberta Jobs, Skills, Labour and Training
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
8th Floor, 10808-99 Avenue
Edmonton AB   T5K 0G5

Minimum course criteria and related information are presented in the Safety Bulletins below.

Approved courses
Workplace First Aiders and Legal Requirements
Bulletin FA011
Quality Management Plan for Compliance with the First Aid Regulation
Bulletin FA010

Out of province first aid certificates

The provincial and territorial governments across Canada have taken steps to enable labour mobility across jurisdictions within Canada. Two specific agreements went into effect on April 1, 2009. The Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) was signed by Ministers of Labour across Canada, and the British Columbia-Alberta Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) was signed by the Premiers of British Columbia and Alberta.

These agreements affect employers and workplace first aiders who work in more than one province or territory. They apply to a worker who has workplace first aid certification from an approved agency in one jurisdiction and works in or moves to another jurisdiction within the time period that the certification is valid.

A worker’s first aid certification, if approved in one jurisdiction, is automatically recognized in the new jurisdiction as long as the workplace first aider is competent in applying the jurisdiction-specific legal requirements for first aid in the “new” jurisdiction.

Both the workplace first aider who moves and the employer in the jurisdiction to which the worker moves have responsibilities. Workers, as first aiders, are responsible for learning additional material and being competent in applying the legal requirements for workplace first aid. Employers are responsible for ensuring that workers are competent in knowing and applying the pertinent legal requirements that apply to workplace first aid.