OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 11 First Aid


  • If a person or agency wants to provide first aid training to workers under the OHS Code, section 177 requires the person or agency to enter into a formal agreement with the Director of Medical Services in order to provide the first aid training.
  • Valid first aid certificates from other provinces and territories in Canada are recognized in Alberta. The first aid training must be approved by that jurisdiction and provided by a training agency approved by that jurisdiction.
  • First aid services, supplies and equipment, and a first aid room (if required) must meet the requirements of the Tables presented in Schedule 2.
  • The first aid requirements that an employer must meet are based on a combination of three factors – how hazardous the work is, the time taken to travel from the work site to a health care facility (a measure of the remoteness of the work site), and the number of workers on each shift.
  • Section 179 requires first aid services, equipment and supplies to be available at the work site.
  • Section 180 requires employers to ensure that transportation is available for transporting injured or ill workers to a health care facility when needed.
  • If an acute illness or injury occurs at the work site, section 182 requires the affected worker to report the illness or injury to the employer as soon as practical. Section 183 requires that a written record be kept of every illness or injury reported.
  • Section 184 establishes limits on who has access to records of first aid.