Published Date: October 01, 2013
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Section 45 Grants

(1) The Minister may make grants if

(a) the Minister is authorized to do so by regulations under this section, and

(b) there is authority available in a supply vote for the purpose for which the grant is to be made.

(2) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations

(a) authorizing the Minister to make grants;

(b) prescribing the purposes for which grants may be made;

(c) governing applications for grants;

(d) prescribing the persons or organizations or classes of persons or organizations eligible for grants;

(e) specifying the conditions required to be met by any applicant for a grant to render that person eligible for the grant;

(f) prescribing the conditions on which a grant is made and requiring the repayment of it to the Government if the conditions are not met;

(g) providing for the payment of any grant in a lump sum or by instalments and prescribing the time or times at which the grant or the instalments may be paid;

(h) limiting the amount of any grant or class of grant that may be made;

(i) authorizing the Minister to delegate in writing to any employee of the Government any duty, power or function respecting the payment of any grant;

(j) requiring any person receiving a grant to account for the way in which the grant is spent in whole or in part;

(k) authorizing the Minister to enter into an agreement with respect to any matter relating to the payment of a grant.

(3) Any regulation made under subsection (2) may be specific or general in its application.