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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 25 Tools, Equipment and Machinery

Section 365 Starting machinery

Subsection 365(1)

This subsection addresses the use of alarm systems when starting machinery. The start-up of machinery can cause injury to workers near the machine if they are not aware that the machine is being started and the machine is not appropriately guarded. If a machine operator cannot see the machine or parts of the machine being operated from the control panel or operator’s station, and moving machine parts may endanger workers, an alarm system must be installed. The alarm system may include sirens, buzzers, horns, flashing lights or a combination of these alarms. A combination of both visual (flashing lights) and audible (siren, buzzer or horn) alarm systems provides the best protection.

Alarm systems should be automatic. They should be constructed and located so that they provide a recognizable audible or visual signal to workers. Audible devices should have a distinctive sound and be able to be heard above the surrounding noise, including the noise of the machine being operated.

An alarm system is not required if moving machine parts that could endanger workers are guarded.

Subsection 365(2)

The alarm system must be effective at warning workers that a machine is about to start. It must be loud enough or bright enough to attract workers’ attention while allowing them sufficient time to reach a safe location. Time delays should be in place so that the warning provides workers with enough time to move to a safe position.