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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 25 Tools, Equipment and Machinery

Section 380 Power-fed circular saws

A kickback occurs during a ripping operation when part or all of the work piece is violently thrown back to the operator. This section outlines the employer’s responsibility to ensure that power-fed circular rip saws with horizontal power-driven infeed rolls are equipped with a sectional non-kickback device located in front of the saw blade across the full width of the feed rolls. Non-kickback devices may include the use of anti-kickback fingers (see Figure 25.6).

Figure 25.6 Example of anti-kickback fingers

When a resaw is being used, it must be equipped with a splitter and a cover. The splitter reduces the hazard of the board being thrown back against the worker because it does not allow the lumber to touch the rear of the blade. The function of the cover is to prevent dust and chips from being thrown back at the worker.