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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 4 Chemical Hazards, Biological Hazards and Harmful Substances

Section 41 Lead exposure control plan

The employer must develop and implement a plan to control lead exposure if workers are likely to be exposed to airborne lead concentrations above the occupational exposure limit for more than 30 days per year. An exposure control plan is also required if work site lead exposure results in elevated levels of lead in the bodies of workers. Lead can be ingested or inhaled as a dust or fume. Section 8 of the OHS Regulation requires that the plan be in writing and available to workers.

The intent of the plan is to ensure that employers have a system in place to minimize worker exposure at the work site. The plan includes identifying the presence of lead, determining the level of exposure and determining if the hazard is being controlled. It should include educating workers about the hazards associated with working with lead, written safe work procedures to control the hazard, and training workers in how to minimize exposure. If a ventilation system is in place to control lead concentrations for example, workers need to know how to properly operate the ventilation system.

Personal hygiene practices are important to the control of exposure. The plan must include having appropriate facilities so that workers can clean up prior to eating, drinking or smoking. As required by section 23, suitable changing facilities, showers or other appropriate means must be provided by the employer to ensure that workers’ street clothing is not contaminated.

The plan must include health monitoring that includes health history information, a physical examination by a doctor and a blood test for lead. For information on the medical monitoring of workers for lead exposure, refer to the Workplace Health and Safety Bulletin listed below.

The plan must also include a record keeping and documentation system to track all of the information required. The overall program must be evaluated annually to ensure that the requirements have been met and to determine if any changes are needed.

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