Occupational Health and Safety Council (OHSC)

Occupational Health and Safety Council (OHSC)

The Council advises on matters concerning the health and safety of workers, oversees changes to the OHS Code and hears appeals related to the OHS Act.

About the Council

The OHSC is an administrative body that’s expected to meet the governance practices established in the Public Agencies Governance framework. The Council’s duties are prescribed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and outlined below.

WCB Appeals Commission provides administrative support to the Council.


The Council is responsible for performing the following:

  • advises the Minister on matters concerning OHS legislation and the health and safety of Alberta workers
  • performs duties assigned by the Minister with respect to the administration of OHS legislation
  • reviews or approves potential changes to the OHS Code, and presents the Code to the Minister for adoption

Occupational Health and Safety Code

Before presenting the Code to the Minister for adoption, the Council must ensure the Code:

  • was prepared after consulting with stakeholders
  • was drafted with consensus from a stakeholder group with representatives from industry, labour and government, and
  • reflects current knowledge and practices necessary to protect workers’ safety


As set out in the OHS Act, the Council is empowered to hear appeals of OHS matters. It posts information online about its appeals proceedings. The Council is neutral and does not assist any party in an appeals proceeding. Find out more on the appeal procedure.


The Council consists of up to 12 members, including the Chair. It has representation from employers, workers and the public.

Current OHSC Chair and council members


  • members of the Council are recruited through open competition
  • successful candidates have experience or knowledge in occupational health and safety and workplace incident prevention
  • knowledge of OHS legislation is an asset


  • the Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints the OHS Council members
  • the Minister may designate one of the members as Chair
  • the members and Chair have terms of 1 to 3 years; when their terms expire, they may be reappointed

Pay and expenses

  • remuneration is paid per Order in Council
  • travel, living and other expenses related to OHSC duties are paid in accordance with the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act



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