Employment Standards Fact Sheets

Employment Standards Fact Sheets

Information to help employers and employees understand their rights and obligations under Alberta’s Employment Standards laws.

The fact sheets provide basic information and are not intended to replace the actual text of the Employment Standards Code, Employment Standards Regulation and other related legislation.

  • Adolescents and Young Persons
    Explains restrictions on the employment of individuals under age 18, as well as the rights and responsibilities of parties involved.
  • Ambulance Attendants
    Explains exceptions to hours of work and overtime hours for ambulance attendants.
  • Appealing to an Umpire
    Explains the process for serving on the Registrar a Notice of Appeal to an Umpire.
  • Appealing to the Director
    Explains the process for appealing a decision of an Employment Standards Officer to the Director of Employment Standards.
  • Bankruptcies
    Outlines the rights and obligations of parties when an employer is in bankruptcy or involved in other insolvency proceedings.
  • Caregivers
    Explains the standards that apply to caregivers (employees who provide home care and residential care services, in accordance with the Co-ordinated Home Care Program Regulation).
  • Collecting an Employment Standards Judgment
    Outlines options available to help collect money owed to you.
  • Commission Pay Plans and Minimum Compensation Entitlement
    Explains the policy used by Employment Standards to determine if employees paid by commission are receiving the minimum standards under employment standards legislation.
  • Compassionate Care Leave
    Explains compassionate care leave eligibility and entitlements.
  • Complaint Resolution Process
    Outlines the process used by Employment Standards to resolve complaints filed by employees.
  • Compressed Work Week Arrangements
    Explains the minimum standards for a compressed work week arrangement.
  • Construction Industry
    Outlines employee entitlements to overtime and overtime pay, vacation pay, general holiday pay and termination pay in the construction industry.
  • Corporate Director’s Appeal
    Explains the process and requirements for appealing a certificate received from the Director of Employment Standards.
  • Deductions from Earnings
    Explains what deductions an employer may or may not take from an employee’s pay.
  • Direct Sellers
    Explains the minimum standards for employers and employees involved in a direct selling business.
  • Domestic Employment
    Outlines the minimum standards for persons employed in the employer’s residence, for the care, comfort and convenience of members of that residence.
  • Field Catering, Geophysical Exploration and Other Miscellaneous Services Overtime Hours and Pay
    Explains overtime rules for employees in field catering, geophysical exploration, surveying, logging and lumbering, and road maintenance activities.
  • Fire Fighting Services
    Explains exceptions to hours of work, mandatory rest periods and overtime hours for firefighters.
  • General Holidays and General Holiday Pay
    Identifies Alberta’s statutory holidays and the rules around eligibility and entitlement to general holidays and general holiday pay.
  • Hours of Work, Rest Periods and Days of Rest
    Outlines employee entitlements to hours of work, rests periods, days of rest and notice of work times.
  • Incentive-Based Pay Plans and Minimum Compensation Entitlement
    Explains the process used to determine if earnings paid to employees under an incentive-based pay plan meet the minimum requirements under employment standards legislation.
  • Maternity Leave and Parental Leave
    Explains maternity and parental leave eligibility and entitlements.
  • Minimum Wage
    Outlines the minimum wage in Alberta effective October 1, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Rules about minimum compensation, exemptions from the minimum wage and deductions for board and lodging.
  • Oilwell Servicing
    Explains exceptions to hours of work and overtime hours, as well as bonus payments to employees in the oilwell servicing industry.
  • Overtime Hours and Overtime Pay
    Explains overtime hours and overtime pay entitlements. It also describes the rules for banking overtime hours under an overtime agreement.
  • Payment of Earnings
    Explains the rules for the payment of earnings to employees.
  • Receiverships
    Explains the rights and obligations of parties involved in a receivership under either the federal Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act or Alberta’s Business Corporations Act.
  • Reservist Leave
    Outlines eligibility requirements and entitlements to reservist leave.
  • Termination of Employment and Temporary Layoff
    Explains the requirements for termination notice or pay in lieu of notice, temporary layoffs and group terminations under the Employment Standards Code. Also outlines the process used to investigate complaints by employees who have been terminated for allegedly abusing vulnerable individuals under their care.
  • Umpire Hearings
    Explains the Employment Standards Umpire Hearing Process.
  • Vacations and Vacation Pay
    Explains vacations and vacation pay entitlements under the Code.
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