Extend days of work

Extend days of work

Employers can apply to extend consecutive work days without rest beyond the maximum of 24 work days.

Basic rules

  • the Employment Standards Code requires employers to give employees one day of rest per consecutive work week; for more information, see Hours of work and rest
  • employers may apply for a permit authorizing extended consecutive work days without rest beyond 24 work days
  • permits allow an employer to address a temporary situation; the Director of Employment Standards may revoke, amend, or vary a permit at any time
  • permits to extend the consecutive days of work do not alter or affect overtime provisions that otherwise apply


For an extended work days permit application to be considered for approval, the following conditions must be met:

  • applicants must provide reasons why work days need to be extended and explain why other solutions aren’t available
  • the majority (more than 50%) of affected employees must agree to and demonstrate their support for the extended days

How to apply

Step 1. Download application

If you’re the employer, download and open this fillable form:

Application to Extend Consecutive Days of Work (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Step 2. Fill out application

Follow the instructions on the form. To fill it out, either:

  1. Fill out the form on your computer, then save a copy.


  1. Print the form and fill it out by hand. Scan the signed application if submitting it by email.

Note: when filling out the form, choose only one correspondence preference: email, fax or mail.

Step 3. Collect documentation

Along with the form, the employer must submit:

  • proof of employee support for the application, such as a letter of support from the union


  • a petition of support for non-union employees

Step 4. Submit application

The employer can send in the application to Employment Standards, by:

Email: LBR.espermits@gov.ab.ca
Fax: 780-422-8944
Permits Analyst
Employment Standards Program Delivery
Alberta Labour
6th floor, Labour Building
10808-99 Avenue
Edmonton AB T5K 0G5

Step 5. After you apply

  • after you apply for a permit for your potential employee, it may take approximately 5 to 10 business days from the date it’s received by Employment Standards before you’ll receive the Director’s response.  Please note processing times may be impacted and delays may occur if an application is incomplete or is missing crucial information
  • during the review period, Employment Standards may contact you if they need more information–your fast response will speed up the review process
  • if the permit is approved, Employment Standards will send it to you by mail, email or fax (as pre-selected by you on the application form)
  • the employer must provide a copy of the permit to all affected employees
  • the employer must retain the permit on file
Modified: 2017-04-24
PID: 1688

Contact Employment Standards

Call the Employment Standards Contact Centre for general information or submit an inquiry online:

  • 780-427-3731 (Edmonton)
  • 1-877-427-3731 (toll-free)

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