Federal Legislation

Federal Legislation

In Canada, both the federal and provincial governments have jurisdiction over workplace employment standards. The type of work that is performed and whether it is subject to federal or provincial regulation determine the jurisdiction that applies. Approximately 90 per cent of employees in Alberta are under provincial jurisdiction and are subject to Alberta employment standards legislation.

Those employed in one of the following activities are under federal jurisdiction and are not subject to the Employment Standards Code:

  • Inter-provincial trucking
  • Federal Crown corporations
  • Broadcasting
  • Chartered banks
  • Grain elevators
  • Air transport
  • Feed and feed mills
  • Federal government employees
  • Rail and water transport
  • Inter-provincial pipelines
  • Work directly for or on behalf of First Nations

Information about federal employment standards can be obtained by calling the Federal Labour Program of Human Resources Development Canada at 1‑800‑641‑4049.

Modified: 2016-07-28
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