Employment Standards Anonymous Tip

Employment Standards Anonymous Tip

How it works

While most employers follow Alberta's employment standards, some don't. If you want to report potential employment standards violations but don't want to file a complaint to recover unpaid earnings, you can submit information anonymously with a tip.

For information about employer and employee rights and responsibilities, visit the links on this page or call the Employment Standards Contact Centre at 1‑877‑427‑3731.

Here's what you need to know about submitting an anonymous tip to Employment Standards:

  • an anonymous tip is not a formal complaint under Alberta's Employment Standards legislation
  • current or former employees wishing to recover unpaid earnings or obtain Employment Standards entitlements must file a formal complaint
  • anonymous tip investigation findings or status will not be communicated with you since the tip is anonymous
  • do not submit an anonymous tip if a formal complaint has already been submitted
  • do not submit a duplicate anonymous tip for the same issue as this could delay investigation and enforcement actions
  • tips that include sufficient, relevant information will be assessed for potential investigation; not all tips will be investigated or result in enforcement action

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Contact Employment Standards

Call Employment Standards for information, or Ask a question online.

  • 780-427-3731 (Edmonton)
  • 1-877-427-3731 (toll-free)

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