Bargaining Update

Bargaining Update

Bargaining Update is a monthly summary of key collective bargaining activities in Alberta and other jurisdictions. There are more than two million Albertans employed of whom almost 400,000 are covered by a union agreement. Of these, about 90% fall under Alberta’s labour relations legislation and the remaining 10% are under federal jurisdiction (e.g. banks, postal service, railways, etc.).

The following information is available in each edition of Bargaining Update:

  • quarterly private and public settlement trends;
  • Alberta wage settlements;
  • major negotiations in Alberta currently underway;
  • Alberta Average Weekly Earnings data;
  • settlements and labour relations developments in other provinces/territories; and
  • consumer price index information.

Dates shown below record statistics for the preceding month (e.g. March 2016 statistics are for the month of February 2016).





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Contact Mediation Services

310‑0000 followed by 780‑427‑8301 (toll free) 780‑427‑8301 in Edmonton

Who do I contact about...

  • Hours of work
  • Overtime
  • Maternity and parental leave
  • Termination
  • General holidays and general holiday pay

See Employment Standards for more information.

Visit the Alberta Labour Relations Board for more information about:

  • Certification and revocation of bargaining rights
  • Strikes and lockouts
  • Picketing
  • Prohibited practices
  • Duty of fair representation