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Develop – Publications


Hire and Train an Apprentice
Learn more about the benefits of hiring and training apprentices, and developing the skilled workforce necessary to ensure the continued growth of your business.

RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)
This resource provides details on the Registered Apprenticeship Program, a unique initiative for employers willing to help high school students learn the skills of a trade while earning high school credits.

RAP: Registered Apprenticeship Program (brochure)
The Registered Apprenticeship Program is an apprenticeship program for high school students who learn the skills of a trade while earning high school credits.


Workforce partnerships

Workforce Partnerships
The Workforce Partnerships Program responds to the workforce needs of employers, industry association, labour groups, community and other stakeholders. Partnership programs include Labour Market Partnerships and Workforce Attraction and Retention Partnerships.

Labour Market Partnerships: Guidelines for Applicants
This resource provides industry, organizations, community and employer groups with the information they need to apply for funding under the Labour Market Partnerships program. This program is designed to assist with projects that research, develop and share labour market information, facilitate labour force planning, labour market adjustments and more.


Employee skills development

Skills by Design: Strategies for Employee Development
Skills by Design is a toolbox for employers looking to invest in their company’s future by sharpening the skills of their workforce. The publication builds the case that any business, no matter how small, should have the tools and know-how to do regular inspections, maintenance and enhancement of employee skills. It explains the why to, how to and what to do of employee skills development, featuring ideas and practical advice.


Conflict resolution

Let’s Talk: A guide to resolving workplace conflicts
The conflict resolution methods presented in this guide are helpful for employees and employers. It contains information on how to handle situations internally and where to get outside help.


Business succession

Leaving Your Small Business: Your plan for a successful transition
This resource is for small to medium size business owners who will be leaving their business. Whether selling, transferring your business to others or simply closing the doors, having a succession plan will help ensure value in your business, optimize financial security, enhance employee relationships and provide peace of mind knowing that your business legacy will align with your vision.

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