Biography - David Phillip Jones

Biography - David Phillip Jones

David Phillip Jones, Q.C. draws his expertise not only from the practice of law, but as a former law professor. David grew up in Calgary and studied economics and political science at McGill University. He then studied law as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. For 16 years, he was a full-time law professor at McGill and the University of Alberta, teaching administrative law, constitutional law, property, taxation, and government control of business.

In 1988, he went into private practice in Edmonton with his wife, Anne, to create the “cerebral micro-firm” of de Villars Jones LLP.

He is co-author of Jones & de Villars’ Principles of Administrative Law (6th edition 2014), co-editor of the Administrative Law Reports, and frequent author of legal articles and presentations. David was the co-recipient of the 2009 Medal from the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals, and in 2012 received the Distinguished Service Award for Legal Scholarship from the Law Society of Alberta and the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Bar Association. He is one of the foremost administrative lawyers in Canada.

David’s legal wisdom is respected across Canada. He is the Conflict of Interest Commissioner for Yukon and for the Northwest Territories, Chancellor of the Anglican Church of Canada, and a Chartered Arbitrator. His practice includes all areas of administrative law, commercial and labour arbitration, and “point of law” litigation.

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