Professions and Occupations

Professions and Occupations (P&O) is responsible for 10 Acts which govern 23 self-regulating professional associations. We work closely with these associations to ensure that they are governed in the public interest so that Albertans can access quality professional services.

Professions and Occupations directly administers the Land Agents Licensing Act. All applications and information requests should be directed to Professions and Occupations.

What do we do?

Our work in professional legislation includes

  • Providing policy advice and direction to professional associations, government and other groups on professional legislation;
  • Developing legislative standards which are designed to protect the well being, safety and property of Albertans;
  • Balancing the public interest with professional association objectives when reviewing new or amended legislative proposals;
  • Facilitating the resolution of issues between professional associations;
  • Making recommendations to government on applications from professional associations which seek self-regulatory authority;
  • Advising the public on the legislative responsibilities of regulatory bodies; and
  • Ensuring that the public interest is served, through the appointment of public members to professional associations’ councils, boards and committees.
  • Licensing and regulation of land agents.

How does professional legislation protect Albertans?

Through professional legislation, regulatory bodies are given the authority to ensure that their members

  • meet educational and training requirements;
  • provide safe, ethical and competent services; and
  • follow prescribed codes of conduct.

What legislation is Professions and Occupations responsible for?

Please note that Professions and Occupations is not responsible for legislation which governs Alberta’s health, teaching and legal professions.

Free public access to Alberta’s legislation (updated four times a year) is available at the Queen’s Printer website.

How can I request changes to legislation regulating my profession?

Consider speaking with the Executive Director and/or Registrar of your professional association to discuss the change. He or she may be able to offer you some insight as to whether or not that change has been suggested in the past

You can also contact us for more information about making changes to existing legislation.

How can I request that my profession become self-regulated?

We frequently receive requests from groups and individuals who want their profession to become self-regulated. For more information about becoming a self-regulating professions contact us.

Created: 2006-07-05
Modified: 2009-08-11
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