Retain – Other Resources

Retain – Other Resources

Health and Safety

This website informs employers about substance abuse and gambling issues in the Alberta workplace. Access information on prevention and residential treatment services offered through the AADAC Business and Industry Clinic.

E-Learning Programs
These stand-alone, interactive, web-based awareness programs are designed to provide Albertans opportunities to gain awareness and knowledge in various workplace health and safety topics such as incident investigation, hazard assessment, noise and hearing protection, shift work, fatigue and working at heights.

Job Safety Skills Society
A comprehensive workplace health and safety program designed to encourage and promote the development of a positive attitude toward safety among young workers. Learn more about the JobSafe Program, to introduce basic safety principles and practices to workers of all ages.

Occupational Health and Safety
This site provides information relative to occupational health and safety, and lists resources, programs, publications and videos that will help employers foster a safe and healthy workplace.

Partnerships and Certificates of Recognition
Partnerships in Injury Reduction promotes health and safety through partnerships with safety associations, industry groups, employers, educational institutions and labour organizations. In order to recognize employers who have developed a health and safety management system and met established standards, a Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded.

Workers’ Compensation Board
The Workers’ Compensation Board provides liability and disability insurance to Alberta employers. Go to this site for information on coverage, employer responsibilities, claims, educational opportunities and more.


Human Resources

CAF-FCA Employer Toolkit
The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum-Forum canadien sur l'apprentissage (CAF-FCA) is excited to announce the launch of the CAF-FCA Employer Toolkit that will help employers learn tips on how to recruit and retain apprentices. It’s never been so easy!

Canada Business: Government Services for Entrepreneurs
Canada Business promotes entrepreneurship and innovation and provides assistance through an organized network of service centres across Canada. There is a centre in each province and territory working with partners in many communities across their region, providing you with numerous service access points.

Employment Standards
Learn more about the laws and regulations governing minimum standards of employment in Alberta workplaces. Click on “Administering Employment Standards” to access comprehensive hands-on training and gain a better understanding of the rights and obligations of employers and employees.

Employment Standards Dispute Resolution
This stand-alone, interactive, web-based awareness program is designed to provide Alberta employees and employers with an opportunity to learn more about minimum employment standards in the workplace.

HR for Employers
This federal website provides HR support for small to medium-sized business, including information on hiring, payroll, benefits, departing employees, training, employee relations and health and safety.

The Road to Retention
Retention is a hot issue among governments and employers across Canada as many struggle to attract and keep young workers. The knowledge economy, an aging workforce, shifting values and social trends, youth outmigration, and increased global competition for talent are putting pressure on employers to re-imagine their organizational culture and re-set their human resources management.

Work-Sharing is an adjustment program designed to help employers and workers avoid temporary layoffs when there is a reduction in the normal level of business activity that is beyond the control of the employer. The measure provides income support to workers eligible for Employment Insurance benefits who are willing to work at a temporarily reduced work-week.


Inclusive Workplaces

Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission
The Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission provides information and education programs to help employers build respectful and inclusive workplaces.  Access information on topics such as developing and implementing an effective harassment and sexual harassment policy, acceptable pre-employment inquiries, duty to accommodate, the complaint process and more.

Welcoming Communities Employer Guide
The Employer Guide is a unique, practical resource developed to equip employers with the tools and ideas to create welcoming work environments that will enhance the integration and retention of newcomers.

WORKink is Canada’s largest online resource centre for job seekers with disabilities. Employers can access resources, articles, tools and information to help create an inclusive workplace, or post jobs and review resumes from qualified candidates with disabilities on Divers.I.T.Ink, Canada’s largest online diversity recruitment tool.


Workforce Development

Increasing the Talent Online Toolkit
This innovative online toolkit helps companies and communities understand and address attraction, retention and workforce retention challenges, particularly in “hard-to-recruit” locations.

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