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Retain – Publications

Balancing work-life issues

Better Balance, Better Business: Options for Work-Life Issues
The often conflicting demands of work and personal time commitments can create stress and other problems for both companies and staff. This publication presents employers with the business case for improving work and life balance and ideas about how to make changes.


A Guide to Rights and Responsibilities in Alberta Workplaces
This publication can help you find answers to questions about employment standards, workplace health and safety, labour relations, human rights, Workers’ Compensation and privacy of employment information.

Building an Effective Health and Safety Management System
Information for employers on how to build an effective health and safety management system to reduce workplace incidents and their associated impact on a company’s bottom line.

Occupational Health and Safety Tool Kit for Small Business
This tool kit helps small business comply with requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Code. This booklet contains tools and templates to help small businesses create a hazard assessment, an emergency plan and workplace violence policy, as well as comply with first aid requirements.

Occupational Health and Safety Magazine
Issued three times a year, this publication provides useful information for employers aimed at preventing workplace injuries and illnesses in Alberta.

Workplace Rights and Responsibilities (Poster)
This poster can be displayed in the workplace to provide answers to questions about employment standards, workplace health and safety, labour relations, human rights, Workers’ Compensation, and privacy of employment information.

WCB Employer Handbook
This document provides a summary of workers’ compensation coverage, including who is covered and how it works. It outlines the employers’ role and responsibilities in case of an incident, from initial reporting through to disability management, return to work and the appeals process.

X-treme Safety
This guide for young, inexperienced workers is about workplace health and safety regulations and employment standards in Alberta. Through personal stories, quizzes and checklists, youth gain the information they need to contribute to working in a safe, healthy and fair work environment.


Conflict resolution

Let’s Talk: A Guide to Resolving Workplace Conflicts
The conflict resolution methods presented are helpful for employers of large, medium and small organizations, whether it’s a private sector company or a not-for-profit association. Contains information on how to handle situations internally and where to get outside help.


Other creative strategies

Finders & Keepers: Recruitment and Retention Strategies
Employers who are able to find and keep valued employees gain the upper hand in today’s labour market. Finders & Keepers provides proven strategies and practical tools to help small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations attract, recruit, select and retain employees.


Foreign workers

Hiring and Retaining Foreign Workers
Some Alberta companies employ workers from outside the province and outside Canada. You may be eligible to hire temporary foreign workers and even nominate them for permanent residence through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.


Workforce partnerships

Workforce Attraction and Retention Partnerships: Guidelines for Applicants
This resource provides employers and employer associations with the information they need to apply for funding to implement a Workforce Attraction and Retention Partnership project. These partnerships assist employers and employer associations in piloting test tools, techniques and processes, and sharing knowledge and best practices in employee attraction and retention.


Aging workforce

Safe and Healthy: A Guide to Managing an Aging Workforce
The average age of the workforce is rising and labour shortages are becoming more common. Employers are looking to retain their valued older workers (age 45+) and, in some cases, are in a position to hire older employees for vacancies in their organization. This publication examines perceptions and realities about the capabilities of the older worker and offers ways to keep employees of any age safe and healthy on the job.

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