Land Agent Standards of Conduct

Land Agent Standards of Conduct


Land agents have traditionally played a vital role in the negotiations of surface rights for industrial activities that in the absence of an agreement could be taken by right of entry or expropriation. Fulfillment of this role requires an understanding and appreciation by land agents of their relationship to industry, landowners and the legal system. By defining and clarifying expectations and standards of behaviour that will be applied to land agents, the Standards of Conduct are intended to serve a practical as well as a motivational function.

Two fundamental principles underlie the Standards of Conduct and are implicit throughout its provisions. First, a land agent is expected to establish and maintain a reputation for integrity, the most important attribute of a licensed land agent. Second, a land agent’s conduct must be above reproach.

While the Registrar of Land Agents has the authority to cancel or suspend a land agent licence for misconduct, the Registrar also has the authority to cancel or suspend a licence if it is in the public interest to do so. Personal behaviour is unlikely to be disciplined unless it is dishonourable or otherwise indicates an unsuitability to practice as a land agent. However, regardless of the possibility of licence suspension or cancelation, a land agent should observe the highest standards of conduct on both a personal and professional level so as to retain the trust, respect and confidence of clients, landowners and the public.

Disciplinary assessment of a land agent's conduct will be based on all facts and circumstances as they existed at the time of the alleged breach of conduct.

Standards of Conduct

  1. A land agent must uphold the standards and reputation of the profession.
  2. A land agent must be professional and courteous at all times and treat all parties with dignity and respect.
  3. A land agent shall undertake only work that that person is competent to perform by virtue of their training and experience as a land agent.
  4. A land agent must carry out all duties with honesty and integrity.
  5. A land agent must act in good faith.
  6. A land agent must act in the client’s best interests, subject to any limitations imposed by law or professional ethics.
  7. A land agent must follow all applicable Statutes and Regulations.
  8. A land agent must not enter into a situation where a conflict of interest may exist or arise.
  9. Unless required by law or authorized by the client, a land agent must keep confidential all information acquired in the course of the professional relationship.
Modified: 2007-11-30
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