Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

The OHS Act, Regulation and Code set out the minimum requirements for health and safety in Alberta workplaces. Officers enforce the legislation by issuing orders to employers. If an employer disagrees with the order, it may be appealed.

Created: 2006-04-04
Modified: 2013-07-25
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Contact Occupational Health and Safety

Call or email the OHS Contact Centre for general information, to order publications, file a complaint or report an incident.

  • 1‑866‑415‑8690 (toll free)
  • 780‑415‑8690 in Edmonton

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Occupational Health and Safety Council

The OHS Council is an administrative body, which operates arms length from government. The Council advises the Minister on OHS matters and serves as an appeal body for orders issued by Occupational Health and Safety.

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