Incident Notice 2014-17

Incident Notice 2014-17

Type: Fatality

Industry: Metal Fabrication

Incident Summary:

A worker was manually loading solid steel rod onto an outdoor cantilever steel storage rack. The rack collapsed onto the worker, crushing and impaling him. The worker passed away due to injuries the next day.

Safety Reminders:

  • Assemble, install, maintain storage racking (pallet, cantilever, push-back, drive-in, deep-reach, portable, etc.) according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Refer to storage rack manufacturers for user manuals, design guides, installation instructions, specifications, load charts, and product safety information
  • Do not cut, weld, or modify storage racks unless authorized by the manufacturer or a professionally certified engineer
  • Inspect storage racking for signs of damage

Safety Resources:

This incident notice is provided for information purposes only to notify industry of an occupational health and safety incident.  It has been issued as an educational resource with the goal of preventing similar incidents. The information contained in this notice is based upon preliminary information that has not been confirmed through investigation.  This notice should not be interpreted as identifying any contraventions of OHS legislation or as laying blame against any party.

Modified: 2015-08-18
PID: 15228

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