Incident Notice 2014-31

Incident Notice 2014-31

Type: Fatality

Industry: Oil Sands Operations

Incident Summary:

A haul truck driver was in the process of pulling over on the side of a mine road when the haul truck ran over a half ton pickup truck that was close by. The driver of the half ton pickup truck was fatally crushed.

Safety Reminders:

  • If a powered mobile equipment operator’s view of the equipment’s path of travel is obstructed, the powered mobile equipment has a warning device, automatic system, or method appropriate to the hazards of the work site to protect other workers from injury
  • Operators follow directions of traffic control or warning systems
  • All workers are stationed in continuous view of the operator or all other workers are removed from the area into which the equipment will move
  • When vehicle traffic at a work site is dangerous to workers on foot, in vehicles or on equipment, the traffic is controlled to protect them

Safety Resources:

This incident notice is provided for information purposes only to notify industry of an occupational health and safety incident. It has been issued as an educational resource with the goal of preventing similar incidents. The information contained in this notice is based upon preliminary information that has not been confirmed through investigation. This notice should not be interpreted as identifying any contraventions of OHS legislation or as laying blame against any party.

Modified: 2015-08-17
PID: 15219

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