Incident Notice 2015-11

Incident Notice 2015-11

Type: Fatality

Industry: Machining

Incident Summary:

An installation worker was installing a permanent guardrail system on an operating tower unit. During the construction process a component of the workers personal fall protection system became entangled in the tower unit’s moving machinery. The worker was pulled into the moving machinery. The worker died from the injuries sustained.

Safety Reminders:

  • Assess all hazardous energy sources before machinery or equipment is serviced or repaired
  • Ensure that all safety and lock out devices are engaged
  • Follow equipment manufacturers service and maintenance instructions

Safety Resources:

This incident notice is provided for information purposes only to notify industry of an occupational health and safety incident. It has been issued as an educational resource with the goal of preventing similar incidents. The information contained in this notice is based upon preliminary information that has not been confirmed through investigation. This notice should not be interpreted as identifying any contraventions of OHS legislation or as laying blame against any party.

Modified: 2017-02-17
PID: 15594

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