Occupational fatalities

Occupational fatalities

View reports on occupational fatalities accepted by the WCB for compensation, or investigated by OHS.

Figures provided by WCB and OHS may differ. Areas with common differences in reporting include legal jurisdiction, coverage of applicable Acts, and timing.

WCB accepted fatalities

A WCB accepted occupational fatality is defined as the death of a worker, resulting from a work-related incident or exposure, which has been accepted by the WCB for compensation. The reports presented here provide descriptions of the fatalities, broken down by major industry sector.

Since some fatalities accepted in a particular year may actually have occurred in previous years, the numbers of fatalities based on the year of acceptance are different from those based on the year of occurrence.

Further analysis over the last 5 years are available in the OHS statistics section.

WCB accepted occupational fatalities are categorized by 3 main types:

Workplace incident fatalities
Workplace incident fatalities are cases where a worker dies at a work site, or as a result of injuries sustained at a work site.

Occupational disease fatalities
Occupational disease fatalities consist mostly of recognized occupational disease, meaning disease known to be primarily or exclusively work-related; e.g. asbestosis, black lung disease. Occupational disease also includes heart attacks suffered on the job.

Work-related motor vehicle fatalities
Motor vehicle fatalities typically involve non-industrial vehicles operating on public roads, where the fatally injured worker was either the driver or a passenger. This type of occupational fatality also includes cases involving aircraft crashes, train crashes, helicopter crashes and water vehicle crashes.

OHS investigated fatalities

  • OHS investigates only workplace incidents
  • OHS prepares reports based on the findings of their investigations; these reports are listed by the calendar year in which the incident occurred
  • fatality investigation reports are only published online after the investigation is complete and, if after the file has gone to Alberta Justice, all court proceedings have been completed
  • annual summaries of OHS investigated incidents are also available

View OHS fatality investigation reports

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