To apply for an OHS Futures research grant, applicant organizations and projects must meet the following guidelines.

Eligible applicants

To be eligible for a research grant, your organization must be Canadian-based. However, international collaborations are encouraged.

The Principal Applicant and Co-Applicant:

  • cannot be full-time employees of any Government of Alberta ministries
  • must have the qualifications and appropriate expertise to conduct the proposed research
  • must agree to data sharing within the time period outlined in the grant agreement
  • must provide a final report within the time period outlined in the grant agreement
  • must be willing to complete evaluation surveys, provide information/summary resources in layman’s terms, and present research findings at two designated meetings

If you’re not part of an academic institution, we strongly suggest partnering with a researcher at an academic institution. Please contact us if you require assistance in connecting to industry and/or researchers.

Eligible projects

Eligible research projects:

  • should meet the 2018 research priorities
  • should be completed within 18 months, including knowledge transfer
  • must directly impact Alberta workers and workplaces or inform policy and practices that will directly impact Alberta workers and workplaces

Multi-year projects

Multi-year projects require new submissions for each year of the project, and are not guaranteed funding from year-to-year.

If an applicant has a multi-year project in mind, they must outline all the years in the Notice of Intent and application for the first year of funding to allow OHS Futures to get a sense of the overall project.

For each year of funding after the first year, the application must explain that the new application builds upon the results of a previously funded research project.

Ineligible projects

The following projects are not eligible for funding:

  • projects that are required to be completed under law
  • drug trials or efficacy research
  • for-profit product development
  • high performance computing platforms
  • product efficacy or endorsement
  • capital purchases
Modified: 2018-03-01
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