How to apply

How to apply

Follow these steps to apply for an OHS Futures Research Funding grant.


Important dates

March 1, 2018: Notice of Intent period opens. Template is now available.

March 19, 2018  at 11:59 p.m. MDT: Notice of Intent period closes

Late March, 2018: Invitations to apply for OHS Futures funding go out

May 7, 2018  at 11:59 p.m. MDT: Application period closes

Fall 2018: Applicants notified of their application results

Step 1. Check your eligibility

Review the eligibility criteria to determine if you qualify for this grant.

Step 2. Read background documents

Grant Agreement Template (PDF, 304 KB): outlines the terms and conditions for funds received through this grant program.

Government of Alberta Open Information and Open Data Policy: to comply with this policy, project data will be posted on the open data portal within 2 years of project completion.

Step 3. Complete and Submit Notice of Intent

The Notice of Intent template is now available. The Notice of Intent allows OHS Futures staff to evaluate the pertinence of a proposed project (in relation to OHS Futures priorities) prior to requesting a detailed research application.

*Note: If you do not submit a Notice of Intent, you will not be eligible to apply for OHS Futures funding.

Step 4. Notice of Intent Review

Once the Notice of Intent has been submitted, it will be reviewed to ensure that it is complete, that the proposed research project meets the eligibility criteria and research priorities, and that the proposed research is pertinent to workers and workplaces in Alberta.

Success at this stage will result in an invitation to submit an application. The invitation to submit a full application form does not guarantee funding. A completed application is required, and will be adjudicated accordingly.

OHS Program staff are here to provide feedback on your Notice of Intent and mentor you through the application process. Meetings will be set up to discuss your research idea prior to you completing the full application.

Step 5. Read background documents again

See Step 2.

Step 6. Complete and Submit Full Application

As part of the full application form, you are required to provide contact information for two peer-reviewers that have agreed in advance to review your proposal in May & June 2018. Prior to beginning this work, please review the Conflict of Interest Guidelines.

If you have questions about you application, you are encouraged to contact OHS Program staff.

Step 7. After you apply

After you submit the full application, the following steps occur:

1. External review

  • Applications undergo review by two external reviewers.
    • This review evaluates the applications for scientific soundness and budget appropriateness

2. Internal review

  • Applications are evaluated by Ministry of Labour staff, who evaluate applications based on:
    • the alignment with the research priorities
    • the reach and impact of the proposed research on Alberta workers and employers
    • timeline for results
    • external review results

3.  Funding decision

  • A decision is made by the Department after the review processes are completed.
  • Applicants will be notified of the results of their applications in late summer 2018.
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