Register your radiation equipment

Register your radiation equipment

Alberta’s radiation laws require you to register certain types of radiation equipment.

The Radiation Protection Act and Regulation requires that owners register their radiation equipment. This can be done by getting a radiation equipment registration certificate from an authorized Radiation Health Administrative Organization.

Follow these steps to get a certificate:

Step 1. Determine if you need to register your equipment

You’ll need to get a radiation equipment registration certificate if you or your company owns any of the following designated equipment:

  • diagnostic or therapeutic x-ray equipment
  • particle accelerators
  • baggage inspection x-ray and security x-ray equipment
  • cabinet x-ray and diffraction and analytical x-ray equipment
  • industrial x-ray equipment
  • irradiation x-ray equipment
  • class 3b or 4 lasers

Step 2. Find out who can register your equipment

Certain professional colleges, associations and academic institutions can register radiation equipment on behalf of Alberta Labour.

See the list of Authorized Radiation Health Administrative Organizations to determine which one can register your type of radiation equipment.

Step 3. Get your equipment inspected and tested

Check the list of Authorized Radiation Protection Agencies to find out which agency can inspect and test your equipment.

Once you’ve found a suitable agency, contact them directly to set up an inspection date.

Step 4. After the inspection

After they complete the inspection, the radiation agency will issue a Compliance Verification Report. They’ll then send this report to the appropriate Radiation Health Administrative Organization.

In turn, the organization will issue you a radiation equipment registration certificate.


The authority for Radiation Health Administrative Organizations and Radiation Protection Agencies to perform these powers, duties and functions is delegated by the Radiation Health Administration Regulation.

Modified: 2016-11-28
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