Ticketing and Administrative Penalties

Administrative Penalties

OHS administrative penalties can be imposed against any parties regulated by OHS legislation – workers, contractors, suppliers, prime contractors and employers. These penalties aim to encourage improved compliance with health and safety regulations, and are meant to work as a persuasive deterrent against those who demonstrate a chronic disregard for health and safety in the workplace.

Administrative penalties can be up to $10,000 per violation per day. The amount of an administrative penalty will be determined by OHS officials, upon consideration of a variety of factors. These include (but are not limited to) past health and safety performance, the frequency of orders, tickets or other compliance interventions, and whether there appears to be an overall commitment to maintaining proper health and safety systems in the workplace.

OHS administrative penalties can be appealed to the OHS Council.

Administrative Penalty FAQ brochure


As of January 1, 2014, workers and employers in contravention of ticketable provisions of OHS legislation can be issued tickets by OHS officers. OHS tickets will be similar to a traffic ticket: they are an on-the-spot penalty given out following an infraction of the law.

Ticket fines range from $100 to $500. Here is a list of the ticketable provisions.

Tickets can be paid at any Alberta courthouse. Like a traffic ticket, any party that wishes to plead not guilty will have the option of attending a court date.

Ticketing FAQ brochure

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Occupational Health and Safety Council

The OHS Council is an administrative body, which operates arms length from government. The Council advises the Minister on OHS matters and serves as an appeal body for orders issued by Occupational Health and Safety.

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