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As Alberta’s youth enter the workplace, adequate preparation is critical to ensure their health and safety. Young workers are at a higher risk of workplace injury than their older, more experienced peers. Often young workers are not aware of the hazards associated with their job, do not know the right questions to ask, and do not know the legislation or their rights and responsibilities related to occupational health and safety. Teachers are in a unique position to help students meet this challenge.

The aim of these resources is to raise awareness of occupational health and safety for students before they enter the workforce, so that their risk of work related injury, illness or death is reduced.

Occupational Health and Safety Teacher Resources Binder

A binder of occupational health and safety information on: legislation; managing occupational health and safety; hazard identification and controls; Teacher’s Facilitation Guide and Programs of Study Map.


“What If…” is an interactive site that engages students as they explore different areas of occupational health and safety and may be used as a support for teachers in the general delivery of health and safety awareness in the classroom.

  • What if I found out I’m at risk?
  • What if I could ask questions about my job?
  • What if I understood what I’m responsible for?
  • What if I could identify hazards?
  • What if I want to find out more?


Work Safe Passport

A pocket size booklet to record health and safety training received by students and workers. Training may be provided by schools, other training institutions, or employers. Employers are invited to use the Work Safe Passport.

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