Employer responsibilities

Employer responsibilities

Alberta laws require employers to protect workers’ health, safety and rights in the workplace.

Occupational Health and Safety

Alberta’s OHS legislation requires employers do everything they reasonably can to protect the health and safety of their workers.

This means:

  • ensuring your workers have the skills and training needed to do their jobs in a healthy and safe manner
  • informing your workers of any health and safety hazards at the job site
  • providing safety equipment and training
  • keeping equipment in safe working order
  • properly labelling and storing dangerous chemicals
  • training workers to safely handle hazardous materials
  • setting up safe work practices and ensuring these practices are followed
  • monitoring workers who may be exposed to certain controlled products; in some cases, specific health examinations may be required
  • investigating incidents
  • meeting the OHS Code requirements

If you employ young workers

Know that they are:

  • more likely to get hurt at work
  • less likely to ask questions because they want to make a good impression

To help ensure the safety of young workers, employers and supervisors should:

  • spend ample time training and supervising young and new workers
  • provide emergency procedure and job-specific safety training before any work is assigned
  • pair young workers with experienced, safety-conscious workers
  • regularly check to ensure that everyone follows the safety rules
  • instruct them on how to report unsafe conditions or health concerns, and explain why immediate reporting of hazards or incidents is important
  • encourage young workers to ask questions and talk with their supervisors
  • lead by example – wear protective equipment and demonstrate safe work habits


Employment Standards

Alberta’s Employment Standards laws spell out the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers for:

  • payment of earnings
  • hours of work and overtime
  • vacations and general holidays
  • maternity and parental leaves
  • termination of employment

The rules apply to employees of all ages with some restrictions for young workers for their protection.


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