Employers Responsibilities

Employers Responsibilities

Occupational Health and Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires you, as an employer, to do everything you reasonably can to protect the health and safety of your workers. This means:

  • Equipment must be kept in safe working order
  • Dangerous chemicals must be properly labelled and stored
  • Safe work practices must be set up for your workers and you must ensure these practices are followed
  • You must ensure that your workers have the skills and training needed to do their jobs in a healthy and safe manner
  • It is your responsibility to inform your workers of any dangers at the job site
  • You must monitor workers who may be exposed to certain controlled products. In some cases, specific health examinations may be required.


Employment Standards

Alberta’s employment standards spell out the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers for payment of earnings, hours of work and overtime, vacations and general holidays, maternity and parental leaves, and termination of employment. The rules apply to employees of all ages with some restrictions for young workers for their protection.

To learn more, see Employees Under Age 18.

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