Are you at risk?

Are you at risk?

Take this quiz to find out if your job is putting your health and safety at risk.

Check all that apply to you:

I’ve had my job for less than six months

 I’m a guy

 I’m between 15-24 years of age

 I sometimes go partying the night before an early shift

 I sometimes get very few hours of sleep before starting work

 I’m always under pressure to work quickly

 I tend to think an injury won’t ever happen to me

 I’ve never had safety training for my specific job

 I try to impress my boss or co-workers and don’t like asking questions

 I use the same tool all day long

 I have to lift, push, or pull heavy things

 I use chemicals or work around toxic substances or gases

 I sometimes use a ladder or climb onto something else to reach things

 I work alone

 I work in a crowded area

 It’s very noisy where I work

 I work in extremely hot or cold conditions

 I drive or operate moving equipment or machinery

 I work around electrical equipment or power lines

 I work around an oven, deep fryer, or other hot substances objects or substances

Modified: 2017-07-14
PID: 5377

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TTY: 780-427-9999 (Edmonton)
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