Immigrant Bridging

Immigrant Bridging

Program is focused on training skilled immigrants with prior education and/or experience in a specific occupation, so they can bridge gaps in knowledge or skills in order to gain employment in that occupation or a related occupation.

How it works

Alberta Labour is responsible for contract-based delivery of the Immigrant Bridging program by third-party training providers. Advanced Education is responsible for tuition-based delivery of the Immigrant Bridging program.

The Immigrant Bridging program helps skilled immigrants gain employment in their original occupation or a related occupation. The program:

  • provides individuals with applied/hands-on learning experiences including one or more work experience placements, so that learning becomes more meaningful and relevant to them
  • supports the acquisition of competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviors)
  • forges close linkages between training providers and employers
  • builds a common understanding about the specific skills, knowledge and behaviors that individuals should master as a result of their learning experiences
  • addresses local labour market demand for occupational skills training

Who is eligible?

Individuals selected for entry into Immigrant Bridging usually have two or more of the following characteristics:

  • a limited range of academic competencies and/or related credentials,
  • a variety of barriers that have previously affected their schooling, learning opportunities,
  • attachment to the labour market, and vocational skill development,
  • foreign educational credentials that are not recognized in Canada by educational
  • institutions, employers and/or professional licensing associations,
  • insufficient English language skills to acquire employment in their field of training, or
  • requirement for employability and/or essential skills training

To enter an Immigrant Bridging program, individuals have to provide proof of their English language proficiency. That proof can be one of the three documents specified below. Educational institution delivering the Bridging Program will determine the language proficiency requirement of an individual by reviewing and accepting one of the three proofs:

  • Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Certificate issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada which specifies scores in all four Canada Language Benchmark (CLB) competency areas, or
  • Language proficiency assessment completed by Language Assessment Centre(s) testing also specifying scores in each of the CLB competency areas, or
  • Their own language assessment using their internal testing tool which must specify scores in CLB equivalency.

Individuals who do not meet the minimum CLB competency requirements need to be referred to upgrade their English language skills by attending either:

  • LINC program (if appropriate and if they are eligible), or
  • ESL program

For more information, please refer to the Alberta Works Program Policy Manual.

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